FTTH: OPNsense with Deutsche GigaNetz

Please note that this small guide only covers the actual WAN/PPPoE networking settings required and is by no means a comprehensive complete OPNsense guide. Migrating from Vodafone Cable I already had an interface tagged with VLAN tag 7 where I now plugged in the ONT instead of the Vodafone Station that I had configured in bridge mode before. Please also note that I additionally booked the Professional Package for proper Dual-Stack and having an IPv4 address so things might work differenly or not at all when being on the stock contract only offering DS-Lite. Please let me know in the comments or via mail if you got things working on a pure DS-Lite contract and what might be different configuration wise as I’d also like to safe that additional monthly fee if possible, but having had my fair share of problem with Vodafone before I wanted to be on the safe side for a start here.

Interfaces: Interface with VLAN tag 7

I also already had my WAN interface which just required some configuration changes.

WAN Interface: IPv4: PPPoE / IPv6: DHCPv6

If you like me didn’t get your login information yet, connect the provided FRITZ!Box first which gets the login data via ACS. After that you can export the configuration and use FritzBox-JSTool to extract the required login information for PPPoE.

WAN Interface: PPPoE configuration
WAN Interface: DHCPv6 client configuration

At first things didn’t work for me and I got PPPoE connection timeouts, it turned out that I had to assign the dedicated VLAN 7 interface directly as the Link interface(s) in the PPPoE Devices configuration.

Interfaces: Point-to-Point: Devices

Afterwards things started to work fine for me.

Dashboard: View of Gateways & Interfaces
Result: https://ipv6-test.com/